The ginger prince chooses an orange hand Explorer II

Harry and his Exp II

Harry and his Exp II

Here we see young Harry Wales, brother of the Duke of Cambridge (Wills) sporting his lovely “polar” dial Rolex Explorer II in 42mm.

It’s an excellent choice for a young man on-the-go such as Harry with all his wounded warrior charity work, military service and active lifestyle. The hour hand is independently adjustable for travel to a new local time while the orange “GMT” or reference time hand goes once around in 24 hours, kept in check with the non rotatable 24 hour bezel.

The orange hand Explorer II is a tribute to the old Explorer II from the early until late ’70s that also sported a distinctive orange hand but only came with a black dial.

Explorer II model 1655

Though the 1655 vintage models are highly collectible,  I think the latest generation (model 216570) is much more useful, functions-wise and a lot more solid in so many ways. Glad I have one. In white, too though it also comes with a black dial 🙂

My Explorer II "polar"

My Explorer II “polar”

Below is a lovely billboard that greets visitors and skiers that get out of the cattle car cable car at the top of the Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland. Relevant product placement in advertising is important!

Rolex billboard - Klein Matterhorn

Rolex billboard – Klein Matterhorn




An interesting find in my recent China travels

This automatic Patek Philippe watch was discovered in the southern city of Guangzhou at an interesting market I know of that deals in various antiques, some “antiques” and a whole lotta high end watches if you know where to look and ask.

The watch was in very good condition, probably seldom worn, and came with the original paperwork & box from Patek Philippe. Also an interesting story behind the the organization that commissioned the engraving and issuance of the watch that can found here:

Though a bit small at about 35mm, I was attracted to its simplicity and classic styling. Look at the beautiful movement, too – one of Patek’s most famous and beautiful! Though I’m not a big fan of the integrated ’70s style bracelets, this fine mesh one didn’t bother me that much as it had more play than other integrated Patek bracelets I’ve tried on from that era