Wills with Omega Seamaster “Bond”?

Looks like the Duke of Cambridge sports an Omega whilst his younger brother chose the Rolex “polar” Explorer II.



How “Swiss” is a Swiss watch? Maybe more, now…

For those losing sleep at night worrying about the origins of their new “Swiss Made” watch:

After six years of work, the Swiss Parliament has passed the Swissness bill, which sets at 60% the minimum rate of Swiss value for Swiss industrial products. 

The FH (Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry), which has been closely involved in this issue and has consistently supported the 60% rate, welcomed the move. 

The bill will bolster the reputation of  Swiss products abroad and answers the wishes of consumers, who rightly expect that products marked “Swiss Made” should be manufactured for the most part in Switzerland. 

Approval of the Swissness bill was a prerequisite for advancing the project to strengthen Swiss made in the watch industry. No further obstacles or time limits now stand in the way of commencing the revision procedure.

Definitely a step in the right direction with more and more players entering the field and prices getting higher and higher.